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"Firstly I want to say welcome, it's great to have you here in my own little world. Feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. If you have been here before, it's nice to see you again.

In case you haven't sensed, I love nature and connect with life's energy at many levels; you will frequent me without shoes as a sense of grounding. I value the perspectives of myself and other's as I am able to capture these worlds both in the 2 dimension (photographs) and 3 dimension (physical).

Mother Nature has kept me close and busy these 3 decades, introducing me to other worlds that connect to mine. My side kick Teddy explores current  life along side me and redirects me into the physical world when I get trapped in my inner rabbit holes.

These inner rabbit holes can be caught in some of my work, so minor that it may not have been "in tension al"."

Cassandra M.E.Z. Hartzell:
Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Resides in Lakewood, Colorado

In May of 2014 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography from Kutztown University State school of Pennsylvania. Her final college career includes "Cassio PA" installation, which was won through a written proposal art grant.

Through high school she participated in stage crew along with other visually artistic afterschool activities. Her volunteer work and community involvement led to her receiving the Lee Grant Scholarship in 2009.


August 2014 - Present


PASSHE, Dixon University Center Atrium Installation
Written Proposal Winning Grant

2000 - 2015


Want to see previous work through the decades? These are treasures from my school years.



Image series bound and for sale through

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