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Never Forget

It's humbling to hear perspectives of that day, September 11th, 2001. I can't come close to knowing what nonsurvivors, survivors, and heroes went through in New York City. It seems unfair having to be reminded every year when the memories live with you every day. If you need support please feel free to reach out. I'm happy to listen or to just sit with thoughts.

Growing up, but only in 5th grade at the time, on the east coast, I understood the terror and panic in the teachers finding out about a crash and then another into the World Trade Center. I could not fathom what was going through the mind of the people on the planes; the passengers, the pilots, and most of all the terrorists.

Who could be controlled into killing thousands of people and themselves, and for what? ...

20 years of war, more death, sacrifice, and hate. We may never know the numbers. As we reflect and continue to heal, let's count our blessings and hope for a better tomorrow by trying to be our best selves today. One day at a time, peace and love.

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