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What makes ME

One memory series that sticks with me today...

Letting go of the thread, hair, or lint in my hand (at the moment viewed as a nuisance), and watching it become part of earth. I had hope for its cycles in life. This new way of viewing was brought into light by my Mom. Through hearing her words as approval, along with my inner reflection and values, I could feel Earth's appreciation.

I imagined the thread coming a part of a bird's nest; as ones trash can be another's treasure. I thought of the generations of birds that may pass through that nest. Securing treasured beings each night so that they may grow and fly. Thinking of the small influence I could have on a different world that intertwines with mine.

This had me thinking about what I was contributing to life. It got me curious about materials and where they come from; what the process and source of it's existence is. Everything viewed mattered. I am matter as well. What do I want to surround myself in? To help me fly.

Matter does not disappear, it is transformed, living its next life, one after another. I knew from that time that reincarnation is reality.

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