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In addition to reinforcing the importance of light and space that are already fundamental to photography, my art in both 2nd and 3rd  dimension share the theme of hidden worlds brought to light.

Through my career I have expanded into innovative solutions, including transparent printing, infrared hacked digital sensors, and constructing landscapes.

I often thought of roads as identical and endless as a result of commuting to repeated destinations. The revelation of change has led me off the roads of others and the discovery of much needed organic aesthetic and inspiration from an open mind.

I collect imagery as I interact with my senses and world. The photographs taken make up the being of the moment (physical) and thought (objective). I encourage multiple narratives as interpretation.

With the use of macro and wide angle lenses I am able to focus on the different worlds within environments. I do not include humans in my work if I can avoid it; if not the main subject. I want to convey the human influence on a space without the direct human form in the frame.

In my infrared landscapes, an often unseen part of the spectrum of light forces the viewer’s attention to areas of the composition that may have been overlooked if the same image was viewed normally. In other works, I use light to block in manipulatable shadows, or to transform models into authentic landscapes and portraits when lit. I also use light to illuminate transparent photographs that cast color and project images on the walls and floor below.

Cassandra Hartzell

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